GMUR Consulting Professional Services

At GMUR Consulting, you'll find a wide range of Market Management and Relationship Management services, all delivered with impeccable integrity. Please contact us for associated fees.

Market Management Services

  • To assist in maintaining an orderly trading market for the security.
  • To enhance liquidity and provide market depth and stability to the security.
  • To contribute to the efficiency of the security by maintaining appropriate BID / ASK spreads in the market.
  • To call a two-sided market providing continuity to coincide with public supply and demand for the security.
  • To constantly monitor and adjust bids and offers based on the securities performance and changing market conditions.
  • To help maintain activity in the security to maximize liquidity.
  • To offer a “human” aspect to monitor and safeguard the security from dramatic fluctuations in share price potentially caused by mechanical order flow.
  • To identify anomalies in the market of the security.
  • To provide insurance there will be available bids and offers on thinly traded securities.
  • To contribute to and absorb buying or selling pressure to aid in avoidance of “gapping” up or down.

Relationship Management Services

  • To consistently strive to achieve key components of liquidity, depth, stability, continuity, and efficiency.
  • To provide issuers with professional, dynamic and efficient market management services through 25+ years experience trading equities.
  • To assist in reducing and explaining potentially embarrassing price swings, particularly at the end of a trading day.
  • To assist in identifying large, unusual, or aggressive orders and offering advice on actions to take, if any.
  • To offer an agreed upon schedule of constantly or “ when necessary “ communication regarding market activity.
  • To offer a positive perception within the market environment when natural market forces cannot provide sufficient liquidity, via a passive appearance of orders.
  • To provide issuers with opinions, technical views, and expertise regarding the potential performance of the security.

For additional information about putting the power of GMUR Consulting to work for you, please contact us.